Why do cats bite each other’s necks while grooming?

Why do cats bite each other’s necks while grooming? If you are looking for a truthful response, let’s read.


Cats are typically neither water drinkers nor dutiful partners. They do not often eat wet food. However, this also depends on the tastes and hobbies of every cat. So which kinds of food will be suitable to them you could choose and can supply them the fullest nutrient source? Apart from its eating hobbies, you may also confuse their gestures. Among thousands of questions, today we will discuss: "Why do cats bite each other’s necks while grooming?”


A brief about cats and their habits

After observing many times, I found that water is so essential for cats, especially for cats which were dehydrated. So, does your cat often drink water and how much the amount of water do they drink? How to get a cat to drink water when sick? You are sure to find the answer to these questions easily, but the reply for "Why do cats bite each other’s necks while grooming” is such a challenge.

Vet Susan McKay says that many cats refuse to eat wet food more. They happily eat dry food. Both of kinds of food contain fixed ratios of nutrient. Benefits of dry food are convenience. You can easily measure the ration which is suitable for cats without the fear of lack or excess. Besides, there is one strength that the product is easy to maintain because the long-term period is also one positive point.

Why do cats bite each other’s necks while grooming?

Chances your little friends are playing

As cats have the habit of licking each other, they can bite their beloved one softly to show their emotions. So, you should not be panic when seeing your cats bite each other’s necks while grooming. The reason can be so simple that they are expressing their interests. Because a cat may not groom another if he or she does not like.

To determine whether your pet is playing and kidding, you have to keep your eyes on them. If there is not much hissing or yowling, the two cats are equally participating. That means they are playing well.

The decision of a dominant cat

There is a number of reasons why you might need to encourage your cat to eat wet food and be a dominant cat. In the case that you're angrily bitten his or her partners and get away, it is possible a cat has not yet understood of the proper end of their grooming time. Then, a biter has to send a strong message of “leave me now."

Hydration which describes the process of losing water in the living animal's body is the biggest reason for this encouraging. The cat is not natural water - drinker, then they need more wet food to keep water enough, which do not make them feel poorly.

A typical dominant cat


Washing time between a mother and her children

Each cat may get the reinforcement from this period. The washee can think he is about done while the washer keeps washing. As a result, the washee bites and wrestle. Next, the washing was transformed into the wrestling match.

Besides, urinary crystals can develop in such a less water-drinker animal, and this is a condition which you certainly do not want to handle on your hands. Wet foods contain lots of protein and water, which can supply full nutrients for your cat.

Pay attention to preserving wet food. Allow the food to be cool after it has been removed from the refrigerator before feeding the cat or you can maintain the product in a dry location but ensure a stable temperature. In particular, do not place food in hot places.

Why do cats bite each other’s necks while grooming

Cat Grooming and Knowing Why

How to deal with this situation?

But according to vets, it will be very good for the cat to combine both dry food and wet food, the best is a half wet and half dry in a meal. Such combination with cool down your cats’ mood and avoid them from biting each other. Among the foods which combine dry food and wet food, canned meat-food could be one of the best choices for the cat.

There is a diversity of mixed foods such as various types of paté, stews, and shredded wet foods. Wet food is also a suitable choice for old cats when they find dry food quite hard to chew and digest.

But how could you get your cat to stop this habit?

Initially, you need to be patient. This process maybe takes you weeks, even months. You could feed them 3-4 meals a day of dry before offering them wet food. Just put a little-wet food first, then increase quantity more gradually until they can eat all wet food. If they get it but give up later, take it up and try it again 2-3 times.

Don't rush it. When this process becomes a little confusing, try another various kind of flavors such as stews, paté or canned - fish. Try all the way. If your cat resists in refusing the wet food you make, put a small amount on the tip of her nose or her paw. Let her lick off, and sometimes that's enough for her to start with this process.

One man whose cat refuses to eat wet food talks about his cat like this:

“I have two nine-month-old cats who are very fussy about wet food. They will happily eat dry, but I would like them to eat mostly wet as I have concerns about the long-term effects of feeding a dry diet.

I have read that dry food is full of carbohydrates and can lead to cats becoming dehydrated if they don't drink enough. I have tried a variety of wet food brands, but they don't seem to like jelly or chunks of meat. I have even tried mixing it in with the food they love and warming it slightly.

They do like some wet brands, but these are not 'complete', so I am unsure about how much dry food to give them alongside this.”


In short, you can arrange a schedule for your cat and try to balance a menu which suits your cat’s needs and nutritional requirements. After knowing why do cast bite each other’s necks while grooming, hope you can find the way to distinguish and prevent it.

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