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Can You Get Ringworm From A Cat Scratch?

If you are thinking about getting a new cat, you might all know that he/she is susceptible to so many diseases. One of the most popular ones mentioned is ringworm. What is Ringworm? Is Ringworm Contagious? Can you get ringworm from a cat scratch? Necessary treatments when they do? Keep on reading to find these answers!

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What You Must Know When Your Cat Keeps Licking Lips

You must once or twice notice your cat keeps licking lips and simply think that he is hungry or has dry lips. However, this may be a signal of stress or sick feeling that your companion is going through. In this case, a visit to a veterinary clinic is of urgent need.

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Why does my cat chew on cardboard?

Why does my cat chew on cardboard? Have you ever feel worried when your cats start to chew on cardboard and have you ever come to anger when they mess up the house with scattered pieces of cards? This article explains you the reason and how to stop it.

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